Las Vegas web developer

Las Vegas web developer

K3 Technologies is an expert Las Vegas Web developer, developing stunning and highly functional websites for our clients. Regardless of what your business is, we can develop a website for it from scratch, using the best practices in programming to achieve optimal results. When we're finished, you'll have a highly functional, interactive website for your users.

Where Can I Find a Great Frontend Developer?

Because your users are going to be visiting your website via different devices and browsers, it's important to partner with a Las Vegas Web developer who can ensure that your site functions the same across all browsers and devices. With your users in mind, we'll program and test your site on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari on the Mac, and other browsers as well. Our Web design team will ensure that your site is fully responsive on mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

How are the Server and Databases Used in Web Development?

The server and databases are accessed, managed, and controlled on the backend. What takes place here, in highly technical terms, displays beautifully and simply on the user end, or the frontend, of the website. The server is a remote computer that hosts your website and delivers it to the world. Your database is stored in tables on the server, and that again is highly technical but displays information on your website in a user-friendly manner.

What are the Roles of a Web Developer?

It's important not to confuse the roles and duties of a Las Vegas web developer and a LV Web designer. The best way to understand what a Web developer does is to understand what a Web designer does. To make it simple; let's use the illustration of a new home construction.

Web development builds the home- it is the construction of the home itself. Web development digs and pours the foundation of the home. It carves the 2x4s and 4x4s and nails them together. Web development builds the website- it creates the framework of the home's construction.

On the other hand, a Web designer deals with the appearance and usability of the website- it hangs the drywall, paints the walls, and adds decor. Web design installs the appliances, puts the countertops on, and installs the cupboards, so to speak. Just remember:

  • Web developer: builds the website
  • Web designer: designs the website

What's the Difference Between a Backend and Frontend Developer?

Your frontend developer is the glue that keeps the backend developers and Web designers working on the same page. Front end developers are responsible for user-side programming and incorporating the website's design created by the Web designer. Backend developers are those who do the stuff that matters most, but you never see them. They are the ones who manage your site server and databases.

When you work with K3 Technologies, you get all three in one- a frontend developer, a backend developer, and a Web design specialist. K3 Technologies is an A to Z Las Vegas Web developer.

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