WordPress designer Las Vegas

WordPress designer Las Vegas

K3 Technologies is an expert WordPress designer, creating stunning websites powered by WordPress. Did you know that WordPress sites account for as many as 33% of all websites online today? That's a significant number when you consider that there are more than a billion websites across the planet. The beautiful part about WordPress websites, from a designer's standpoint, is that once we finish designing the site, we can hand over the keys, so to speak, to the website owner.

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). It makes the process of creating posts and pages easier than ever. Before, the only way to build websites was to use one of the programming languages, most commonly HTML5 and CSS3 (in the browser programming). WordPress takes care of all the HTML and CSS for you, allowing you to design from both the back end and the front end of your WordPress installation.

WordPress Design Makes Maintenance a Cinch

Another reason why people choose K3 Technologies to be their WordPress designer in Las Vegas is that WordPress sites allow for easy and cost-effective monthly maintenance. Managing comments, editing articles, and creating new content is easy with WordPress. Website owners love that we are able to educate them as we go so they can take control of their websites when they're ready to.

WordPress Design is Great for Your Site's SEO

Perhaps the biggest advantage of WordPress design is that WordPress takes care of all the SEO and optimization or at least makes doing so easier than on any other system. For example, WordPress makes selecting your permalinks as simple as checking a box. Permalinks are huge for SEO!

K3 Technologies Will Use the Best Plugins for Your Site

Rather than coding the functionality of your website, WordPress allows us to simply install and activate plugins. WordPress plugins can do anything for your site, including the following:

  • Create an XML sitemap
  • Have a dashboard for your Google Analytics account
  • Automate SEO with the All-in-One SEO plugin
  • Accept credit cards and PayPal payments
  • Effortlessly optimize your site's images

This is just scratching the surface of WordPlus plugins. The possibilities are endless.

Concerning your plugins, K3 Technologies strongly recommends the All-in-One SEO plugin because it allows you to control your Google snippets, manage your keywords, and streamline much of your site's SEO. Another important part of SEO takes place when you upload images to WordPress. WordPress makes it easy to add alt tags to your images.

Do I Need a Premium WordPress Theme for My Design?

If you are going to invest in a premium WordPress theme, we recommend using either the X Theme or Divi simply because they provide seemingly endless functionality and they can be installed on as many WordPress installations as you'd like. However, with drag and drop editors like Elementor, we can literally paint over any theme and give your site a professional design. To answer this question directly; no. You don't need a premium theme, but it won't hurt if you have one. Let K3 Technologies be your WordPress designer in Las Vegas, and you'll have all of this done for you.

WordPress designer Las Vegas

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